Hamster pouch impaction

I am a 9 months old hamster. I have got a big lump hanging in front of my face for many days. My owner thought that my stomach had jumped out of my chest. She would like to put me to sleep after seeing my vet. She then saw I was active and wanted to drink and eat but it was so hard for me to eat and drink with a big painful lump hanging from my mouth. Today my owner decided to send me to Saigon Pet Clinic for decision. My new vet Dr Nghia said he can save me. My owner is so happy.


I am on a scale to get right body weight for proper dose of medicine and fluid and anesthsia. I weight 45.15 gram


I am under sedation with proper dose of anesthesia and my cheek pouch is checked carefully


A saturated and sterised solution is used to shrink and wash my swelling pouch . My vet gently relocates my pouch back


My teeth are checked to know why I kept chewing too much and this made my pouch popped out of its opening. I really have too long teeth and it has hurted my mouth much. My vet did a dental care and trim my rodent teeth too.


Since my body weight is only 45 grm I easily have hypothermia – low body temperature. I am.put in incubator with oxygen and a electric thermal heating mat.

I had fluid therapy and I am recovering now. Happy with my new life. My ownwer come to pick me up soon tomorrow morning.

And now I am going home with my little owner. My little owner is young but she loves me much. She cried a lot when my previous vet said to her mother that I had no treatment and I could be put to sleep. You know a hamster can live up to 3 years. Compared to human longevity, I am only 32 years old. I will live and have love from my owner for the rest of my life. Thank you very much to my owner. Without her love I would have died.



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